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An Ode to Walking Football – By David Castle

David Castle


To kick the ball but not to run

Tournament football or just for fun

Change my gait for a fast walk

Referees still say, I’ve too much talk


Competitive games I’ve played over a ton

Success guaranteed over three quarters won

Playing with pro’s like Milly, Norts and Brads

Or simply us mere mortals, Dad’s and Grandads


Friends I have met with character and force

Like Wrighty, and Struthers and Razor of course

Murts is our leader to whom we all owe dear

The future is fitter and that’s very clear


World Cup in the bag, shout it so loud

The whole club behind them, made us so proud

With the Thorp brothers starring and scoring for fun

Huntington and Crampton, they watch every run


Don’t let them tell you that this football’s a bore

Walking football’s fast growing members galore

We just need to make sure we can take a good pen

We’d be unbeaten forever, imagine it then

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