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A better day!

Our first game of the day was against local team, Monte Mentals. They fielded probably their strongest team and we again went behind in the first half although our overall display was much improved from yesterday. We steadied the ship in the second half but still lost out by 3 – 0. Next up for BWFC were today’s invited team, Porta Bellows. A strong start from BWFC combined with strict application of the rules by the ref resulted in a well deserved victory with goals from Steve Hughes and two, including a penalty, from John Limbourne who played the game hampered by a hamstring injury which he aggravated in the first game. 

Other results meant that the last game of the morning against Coleshill would decide the outcome of the day’s proceedings. BWFC went ahead with a brilliant goal from Billy McKee and Ken Scott made it 2-0 with a fine individual effort. Coleshill pulled one back before Chris Baker scored to make the final result 3-1 to BWFC. However, it wasn’t quite enough and we lost out for the day’s trophy to Monte Mentals on goal difference.

MM = Monte Mentals

PB = Porta Bellows

COL = Coleshill


Full results:

MM 3 – 0 BWFC

PB 3 – 1 COL

MM 2 – 3 COL

PB 0 – 3 BWFC

MM 3 – 2 PB*

BWFC 3 – 1 COL


(*Both sides involved in the match between Monte Mentals and Porta Bellows were convinced it finished as a 2-2 draw which would’ve meant we only needed a win in our last game. However, the ref of that game was convinced it finished 3-2 to Monte Mentals and, as the ref, his decision was final! This meant we needed to beat Coleshill by a four goal margin to finish ahead on goal difference so our 3-1 win wasn’t quite enough). 

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