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You may or may not be aware but the FA’s safe return to football proposal was approved by the Government last Friday night, this effectively paves the way for the return of all forms of football from that date.


As a result there is no reason why we cannot resume to the program as it was pre-covid and back to the usual walking football match scenario you enjoyed before.  However, we still need to adhere to on-going government requirements and in line with our controlled release of sessions we will resume the majority of our program as detailed below.


These sessions will replace the current program from MONDAY 27th JULY 2020.


MONDAY                    BEECHCROFT          11.00-12.30               50+ WALKING FOOTBALL

MONDAY                    SOLIHULL                 13.30-14.45               50+ WALKING FOOTBALL

MONDAY                    SOLIHULL                 19.30-20.40              LADIES ONLY WALKING FOOTBALL

MONDAY                    BEECHCROFT           20.30-21.30              40+ WALKING FOOTBALL

TUESDAY                   BEECHCROFT           11.00-12.00              LESS MOBILE WALKING FOOTBALL

TUESDAY                   BEECHCROFT           12.30-14.00               60+ WALKING FOOTBALL

TUESDAY                   SOLIHULL                  19.30-20.40                40+ WALKING FOOTBALL (NOTE TIME CHANGE)

WEDNESDAY            BEECHCROFT           11.30-13.00              50+ WALKING FOOTBALL

WEDNESDAY            SOLIHULL                  14.00-15.15               60+ WALKING FOOTBALL

THURSDAY               BEECHCROFT           11.00-12.30               65+ WALKING FOOTBALL

THURSDAY                BEECHCROFT           19.00-20.15               40+ WALKING FOOTBALL

FRIDAY                       SOLIHULL                   9.30-10.45                50+ WALKING FOOTBALL

FRIDAY                      BEECHCROFT            11.30-13.00               60+ WALKING FOOTBALL

FRIDAY                       BEECHCROFT           13.30-15.00             60+ WALKING FOOOTBALL

FRIDAY                      SOLIHULL                   19.30-20.45              40+ WALKING FOOTBALL

FRIDAY                      BEECHCROFT            19.30-20.45               LADIES ONLY WALKING FOOTBALL

SATURDAY                BEECHCROFT            12.30-14.00               40+ WALKING FOOTBALL


The above sessions have now been uploaded onto our booking system and are available to book now, up to a week in advance. Follow this link if it’s your first time … https://bookwhen.com/mpsports I also attach the help document if needed.


Please note:


In line with the requirements you are still required to book on the system as normal.

In the short term numbers on each session will be restricted to 16 in total.

For players attending Solihull Football Centre you are to only use the toilets at the rear of the bowls club (next to the garage) you are NOT to enter the bowls club main entrance for any reason.

Bibs will be used for one team only and will be washed after every session.


Drill sessions


I am aware that there may be players that do not feel comfortable with returning the match scenario just yet so I ask, if there is anyone out there that would like to continue with the drills based sessions to get back to me and I will try to get something on the program.


Over 70’s


Can I also have your feedback on this, if there is enough players that want to return to this session then we can reinstate, let me know.



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